Another Dance With The Dubs

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Throughout the history of GAA in Ireland the rivalry between Mayo and Dublin will forever be known as one of the best throughout the years.

My first ever Mayo match was against Dublin and even though many of these battles didn’t turn out in Mayo’s favour, I consider myself lucky to have seen these matches that people will still be talking about for years to come.

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For me personally I feel this season the current Dublin team is just ‘odd’ in a way.
The recent match against Kildare if you were someone that didn’t know anything about GAA would you really call them All Ireland Champions ?
One of the most annoying things about the team though is you never know what type of play they will come out with, relying on points or actually going for goals ?

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One of the advantages from last year’s All Ireland for Mayo would have to be the new additions such as Ryan O’Donoghue, Darren Mc Hale etc, we’ve seen last year what OisĂ­n Mullin, Tommy Conroy did last year and you know they will have it their all last year and I’ve no doubt Ryan or Darren will show what they can really do.

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The match for me is very hard to call, the rivalry is one of the best in history but in the media today you see Dessie Farrell telling them to wake up, Mayo are the only ones that are capable of beating them.
In past years being honest I’d be nervous going up against the Dubs but seeing their form this year our lads deserve to come out the winning side.
We have the fresh faces, new set of eyes and I just know they can do it.
I’ve no doubt Saturday will be a war and another chapter written in the book of such an iconic rivalry.
Wishing James and the lads the best of luck đŸ’šâ€


Chloe Lynch

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