As Always Maigh Eo Abu – All Ireland Final 2021



Saturday may not have been our day but it was simply another day I was proud to say I’m from County Mayo.

The one main thing we can’t forget how amazing our panel have been this season a comeback to Division 1, Connaught Champions 2 years in a row and finally beating the Dubs.

Yes I know Saturday was heart breaking but we shouldn’t focus on the negative.

Each year we have been through hell and back with our county but we have been with our panel through it all. 

Although Mayo didn’t come out the winning end it was simply another day I was proud of all our panel.

Each year the build up to an All Ireland final is always the most nerve wrecking time for GAA fans.

As the weeks were building up it was great to see the amazing atmosphere in Mayo and its safe to say it was a season we won’t forget.

Our players and panel have put their heart and soul on the field every time but yesterday was simply Tyrone’s day.

As James Horan said “We didn’t play the way we are capable of ” but we shouldn’t let the one lost affect us.

Mayo didn’t play the way we did against Dublin, mistakes were made but it so easy to forget at the end of the day its a game of football.

                                                                Photo: Sky Sports

This season we had the privilege of getting to see the young stars shine like Ryan O’Donoghue, Darren Mc Hale and another great season for the likes of Tommy Conroy, Oisin Mullin, Padraig O’Hora and we got to see the veterans complete another season wearing that Mayo jersey.
Your probably thinking hey but we didn’t win the big one but you cant forget what the lads have achieved this season.
There was an eerie feeling around Mayo GAA at the start of the season being in Division 2 but hey we got back, we retained the Connaught Title, WE BET THE BLOODY DUBS for crying out loud.
I know everyone wanted the icing on the cake so did I but I’m so proud of James and our panel for all they have done this season.

                                                              Photo:Sky Sports

When you review the seasons in the past this one will be different from the rest of them because we achieved what other county teams could not do for the past 7 years, the big question everyone asked throughout the past seasons “Who was gonna stop Dublin, Who was gonna stop the road to 3,5,7 in a row ?” and it was the ones who rightfully deserved to do it.
Our lads have been through 2 All Irelands in the space of not even a year, that’s some achievement alone.
Every single one of those players is a credit to their county and I’m so proud to have the men that we do wear the green and red jersey.
Ryan O’Donoghue the man is 22 years of age and has an amazing career ahead of him, it was huge responsibility stepping up to the plate when Cillian was injured and being the kind of footballer he is at that age, you already know his day will come.
Aidan O’Shea, the name says enough, one of the best to ever kick a GAA ball let alone put on a Mayo jersey, that man has been unbelievable since debuting in 2009 and has gotten us over the line when needed so many times, a Mayo legend.
Lee Keegan, One of the greats, An inspiration to all the aspiring footballers in the country, has contributed in some of Mayo’s greatest wins, a true Mayo Legend.

                                                                         Photo:Irish Mirror 

Another season may have now passed but its another season where I am proud to have this man as manager.
I’ve gained even more respect for that man because he just eat, sleeps and breaths Mayo GAA.
As I said before since I have been supporting Mayo football James is the only man I want being a leader for our panel.
My heart breaks for him because he is the heart and soul of Mayo GAA but I believe he will be the one to finally bring Sam to Mayo.

                                                                Photo:Irish Mirror

In defeat we simply learn and move forward.
 its not long until club football will resume and then county football will be back.
Saturday was simply not meant to be but I am so proud of our panel for what they have achieved this year.
The world of GAA can bring you your best and worst days but we simply learn and get ready for next year.
Every single one of those players are a credit to the county and they will have their glory day in Croker.
Thank you for giving us fans some of the best days of our lives this season.
As always Maigh Eo abu !


Chloe Lynch

I'm Chloe Lynch a GAA journalist from County Mayo.
I've been writing for over a year, some of you might know me best as The Girl That Writes About Mayo GAA.
My main goal while writing is to give back to the players within the GAA.
I have had my work read by members of the Mayo panel.
I hope you enjoy this blog as I share my passion for GAA with you.

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