Defender – Padraig O’Hora

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When James Horan made his return to Mayo GAA, we got introduced to new players who are now cementing their name in Mayo GAA history.

I will never be able to stress enough how fortunate we are as a county with the incredible talented GAA players we have.

Over the past year we got a taste of what the future stars are capable of on the pitch and in todays post I will be talking about a future star in the waiting defender Padraig O’Hora.

Photo: The 42

Making his debut against Tipperary in 2020, I feel the Ballina native is a perfect example of how sometimes we forget how amazing players can be both on and off the pitch.
The Ballina Stephenites native has been given more opportunities this season and I cant wait to see what he will do as the season goes on.
O’Hora may have been used to being known as number 23 or answering to the DS but now its answering to opportunities that are deserved.
Having played minor football with Mayo in 2011 I was delighted to see O’Hora make his return to football last year.
There have been some great players to go on to play for Mayo from Ballina Stephenites such as David Clarke, Ger Cafferkey, David Brady, I have no doubt O’ Hora will live up to the success.

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Even though he may not have many games under his belt, Padraig quickly became a fan favourite amongst Mayo fans.
The 2021 season so far has seen more new players introduced but has also seen more chances given to players like O’Hora.
When you look at O’Hora’s career with Ballina Stephenites alone you can see the talent all that is needed is more game time and I can guarantee you he will make sure his name is remembered each game .
I say many times on this website that players given opportunities will prove themselves and I think Padraig is a great example of that especially after his recent display against Leitrim.

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It’s a new era of footballers in Mayo football and I can not stress enough how much amazing talent is wearing that Mayo jersey.
Out of all the players bursting through the ranks this year I have no doubt that Padraig will be one that will go on to make such a positive affect on GAA in Mayo.
I cant wait to see how the rest of Padraig’s season will unfold for both Mayo and Ballina Stephenites.
He has shown us he’s a superhero off and on the field and I believe he’s a true inspiration for the future of footballers in the country perhaps a Mayo legend in the making ?


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