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In Mayo it can’t be said enough how fortunate we are with the fantastic talented players we have throughout all our clubs.
One thing I can’t thank James Horan enough for is introducing us to thsse great talent but most of all giving opportunities.
In today’s post I will be talking about a promising young player with an incredible future ahead of him, someone who’s inspiring the future of GAA, Forward Darren Mc Hale.

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The Knockmore native has made quite the impact in such little time on the senior panel, were simply witnessing the first chapter in what’s going to be an unreal career.
Last season we were made aware of Darren but we were getting to see what he was capable of.
I wasn’t surprised when Darren was finally getting the well deserved praise because when you see what he’s achieved in a Knockmore jersey alone you know that lad is a star.

                                    Photo:Irish Mirror 

It may only been the All Ireland semi final but McHale is already Mayo’s second highest scorer and when you revisit them scores you know you’d hate to see him play in a jersey that wasn’t Mayo.
When the panic was around about who would stand in while Cillian was recovering I was simply waiting happily knowing that the likes of Darren, Ryan would get to make their mark in Mayo GAA and it’s safe to say they are doing just that.

                                    Photo:Hogan Stand 

As we await another meeting with the Dubs one difference I feel from last year is more confidence knowing the standard that Mayo will put on that pitch.
Darren is yet another player that has proven that he is worthy of wearing that jersey and has delivered when needed most.
James Horan’ s introduction of young talent has been one of the best decisions that is paying off.
If talent like Darren is coming through now just think of what’s to come.
I’ve no doubt we will be seeing a lot of award nominations for this man and I’ve no doubt he will go on to be a Mayo great.
Wishing the best of luck to Darren and the lads ahead of the semi final clash with Dublin đŸ’šâ€

                                 Photo: Irish Sun 

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