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In recent the Durcan name has been one of the most talked about names in Mayo GAA and its safe to say the Durcan brothers have made the mark on the recent evolution of the Mayo GAA squad.

When Paddy Durcan debuted for Mayo in 2015 I honestly thought how could it get better then Mayo GAA fans were started to be introduced to incredible talent with the likes of  Boland, Ruane and James Durcan.

We all know the incredible club that Castlebar Mitchels is and there is no doubt they have made a huge impact on producing some incredible stars for Mayo GAA.

Making his senior debut against Limerick in 2018, it’s only recently we got the opportunity to truly see how talented of a footballer James is.
 When James was first starting to make his mark I had no doubt he would make a great contribution to the team and safe to say turned out right.
When James Horan returned for a second spell as manager the main thing I wanted to see was opportunities and it’s only recently we have witnessed how talented Durcan is on the field.
I recently got to attend mitchels vs Balla and it’s not until you see Durcan on the field you realise how fortunate we are to have him in a Mayo Jersey.

Photo:Irish Times

Each season that goes by for a GAA player becomes another year to have grown and it’s safe to say the future is bright for James.
I can’t wait to see what James will do come the return of county because the best thing is he’s not just Party’s brother and seeing him get the past season to evolve is all you want for the lads that make Mayo GAA what it is today.
A tremendous leader for Mitchels and some more  great things to come in the Mayo jersey.

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