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Out of all the things to be thankful in the world of GAA one of the main things for me would have to be the service the players give to their county, As the years go by and memories are made the fans grow an unbreakable bond with the players.

Throughout the Mayo squad we have so many different personalities, so many great stars but many who are considered underrated, Many people consider this era of footballers to be the best throughout Mayo history.

In todays post I’ll be talking about a footballer who even though has had bad luck with injuries, has established himself as one of Mayo’s greatest servants forward Jason Doherty.

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The Burrishoole native made his debut against London in 2011, has made 53 + appearances in the Mayo jersey with a scoreline of 6-48 aswell of securing 1x Division 1 Title and 3x Connaught Titles.
Its safe to say Doherty’s Mayo career so far has not been an easy ride as of late.
One of the topics that annoys me is that Doherty is mostly mentioned on the topic of injury and many people tend to forget about his amazing contributions to the Mayo panel over the past ten years.
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Whenever I’d see Doherty play on the field, you just know it wouldn’t be right to see him in any other county shirt apart from Mayo.
When any player has been with a team for a long length of time the fans grow a bond with the player and all the fan wants is the best for them.
In recent times you feel for Doherty because its a no brainer his skill, athleticism veteran knowledge would have been so beneficial to Mayo when it was needed most.

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Once football resumes I can’t wait to till Doherty is back on the pitch to create more great memories in the Mayo jersey.
For some GAA players serious injuries can be a sign to hang up the boots and for others the comeback is the main goal.
I believe when Doherty is fully recovered the amount of amazing talent we will have on the Mayo panel will bring us back to be the dominant powerful team that we are.
There’s al old saying often imitated never duplicated and I think its a perfect saying to sum of Jason Doherty as a player overall.
Injuries may have been a frequent factor in Jason’s career but it hasn’t stopped people from considering him as one of Mayo’s finest servants.
A phrase that was often said during this pandemic was “The good days will be back”, like many people of Mayo I believe the good days will be back for Doherty and another chapter will be added to such a phenomenal career.

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