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One of my favourite things about Mayo GAA is the debuts of brilliant talent, at first your in the unknown but as time goes on you realise your witnessing stars being born.
I will never be able to stress enough how proud I am of our upcoming stars breaking through the senior ranks.
In the past we have been extremely fortunate to have witnessed the debuts of players that went on to have amazing careers representing Mayo and in todays post I will be talking about a player who may only have debuted this year, is creating amazing moments in the green and red jersey and I have no doubt in the next coming years we will be considering him as one of the best to wear the Mayo jersey Forward Ryan O’ Donoghue

The Belmullet native made his senior debut against Leitrim in 2020 going into the team with quite the sporting background in boxing, cycling and brilliant career with Mayo minors and U20.
At first when the new faces come in you get so excited because thanks to the new young faces it was a ‘new look’ that Mayo badly needed in my opinion.
With Ryan’s experience free taker for the minors, U20 captain, he hasn’t even finished his second year as a senior and you know he has such a bright successful career ahead of him.


When we learnt of Cillian’s injury, You have to praise Ryan for stepping up to the plate for free taking when he was needed, and for showing hey I may be a newbie but I’m well capable of doing the job.
When I first heard that O’ Donoghue was finally making senior, having followed him throughout minor and U20 and a soccer career, I couldn’t have been more happier with James Horan’s choice.
When retirements were announced a few months ago I think their was panic throughout the county because of the legends we lost but the lads like Ryan are showing us we have nothing to worry about.

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One of my favourite view points on new talent is when we are playing against teams who have an idea of how we play, they see the new players and they don’t know what they are capable of.
Last year we got to see the rise of the youngsters and were so lucky for it to continuing with great talent like Ryan.
Whenever I see pictures of the upcoming talent in their jerseys you feel proud to know that the future of Mayo football is in safe hands.
He may have had careers in other sporting fields but you just know that O’ Donoghue was put on this earth to be on that GAA field.
He may only be in his first year but I’ve no doubt that lad’s trophy case will be filled with awards as the years go by because its talent like this that creates the magic of Mayo GAA.
I’m looking for to seeing Ryan getting the praise he deserves and I can’t stress enough how brilliant of a player he is that Mayo are extremely fortunate to have on our side.
It may only be his second year playing senior but if you didn’t know you would think he’s been senior for years with his fantastic play its great to be witnessing a star being born.
All the best to Ryan and the team ahead of the All Ireland semi final !

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