International Women’s Day – The Women Of Mayo Football

Throughout the history of women’s football, the women’s matches were just seen as an early entry into the ground so you would be able get your desired seat for the men’s match.

In recent times Ladies football has broken the barriers of gender stereotypes and have changed the meaning of being a girl who plays Gaelic football in all counties in Ireland.

We all know how paranormal the world of Mayo football is, society may put more focus on the men’s team but the Mayo ladies keep  proving why ladies football isnt something that should be overlooked.

With great players like Sarah Rowe, Niamh and Grace Kelly, Aishling Tarpey, Dayna Finn, your proud to have such talented women wear that Mayo Jersey.

When Lidil Ireland team up with the LGFA their goal was to shine more light on ladies football in Ireland, before this partnership it was a struggle to keep young girls playing GAA.

Since then all county and club teams have gotten more recognition and backing to change the way women in Gaelic are seen for the present and future.

The women of Mayo GAA are not only brilliant players but brilliant role models to young girls aspiring to play GAA one day.

You see the likes of Niamh and Grace Kelly flying the flag of Mayo and Moy Davitts in Australia and I can get you there’s at least one girl out there saying “I want to do that”

I look forward to seeing how Michael Moves will be with the girls in seasons and I’ve no doubt these amazing women will get their time to shine.

To think of the transformation that’s happening in Ladies football makes me excited to see what will happen in years to come.

Seeing the success of ladies  players now assures me that the present and future of not only Mayo Ladies but throughout Ireland is in safe hands.


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Chloe Lynch

I'm Chloe Lynch a GAA journalist from County Mayo.
I've been writing for over a year, some of you might know me best as The Girl That Writes About Mayo GAA.
My main goal while writing is to give back to the players within the GAA.
I have had my work read by members of the Mayo panel.
I hope you enjoy this blog as I share my passion for GAA with you.

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