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As fans we stick by our players through thick and thin.

Many players from every club have passed through the doors of McHale Park throughout the years and once they walked through them doors they became a forever member of the Mayo GAA family.

In todays post I will be talking about a great young talent who even though is related to a legendary Mayo veteran is creating a great career of his own and finally getting to show the GAA world what he can do,  midfielder Conor Loftus.

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Making his debut against London in 2016 Conor has had some career so far in the green and red jersey even though it feels as if its only getting started.
Crossmolina Deel Rovers GAA have given their fair share of great players throughout the years such as Dr. Mick Loftus, Ciaran Mc Donald, Michael Moyles and now Jordan Flynn and Conor get to continue the mayo legacy of a great club within the county.


Many of our current panel made a name for themselves within minor and under 21 level that have gone to make great contributions within senior level and its the minor team of 2013 that set the standard for the future that was yet to come.

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Throughout the GAA media Conor has been a frequent name mentioned on who to watch within each county and I think its safe to say when Loftus has his moments he doesn’t disappoint with an already championship score line of 3-28.
Throughout the previous season we got to see what he is capable of when given the opportunity, contributing to our win against Dublin,


We have all heard the saying good things come to those who wait and out of all the members of our panel Conor is a perfect example of this.
Once county resumes again I hope we get to see the great things that are to come for Conor.
Our players are the main people who make Mayo GAA what it is today and as fans all we want is the best for them.
As always after defeat we rise and get better and stronger each season and our stars become better versions of themselves.
Even though Conor has Mayo Royalty in his blood, we are getting to witness the rise of a new star and the start of a new Loftus legacy.
Once county resumes again I look forward to seeing Conor get opportunities to bring more pride to the Loftus family name within Mayo GAA.

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