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We have seen a lot of players come and go through the gates of McHale Park and each person made their contribution to making Mayo GAA what it is today.

In each era we have our special moments put particularly the speciality of each player.

In each era we have a our special features of the team , The evolution of young, The Durcan brothers, The rise of Ciaran Mc Donald, The O’Shea brothers.

One of the main things I thrive to see in Mayo football is opportunities being given and in today’s post I will be talking about a player who after time a way came back better and stronger and took advantage when an opportunity was given, Midfielder Conor O’Shea.


Making his debut against New York in 2014, The Breaffy man is finally getting to show the GAA world what he’s truly capable of on a GAA pitch.
The O’Shea brothers will forever be known as a dynamic trio within Mayo football and they all bought something different to the table , 
Conor may be the quiet one of the brothers but after a time period away from football its safe to say the Breaffy man has came back stronger and better then ever.
Photo; Mayo News
O’Shea has also been one of the leading men for club Breaffy giving 110% each game and its just the kind of things that we as fans love to see now a days.
This season when I saw Conor’s name back in programmes, hearing all the stories about how hard he has worked to get back to county nothing but delighted for him.
I always talk about how eager I am for opportunities to be given in the panel and I feel Conor is a perfect example on how hard work pays off and to grab opportunities when they are given to you.

                                                                  Photo: Sky Sports

In past years I find it funny ya know when the big names debuted we didn’t know what would be instore for us and now many people say we are living in the greatest era of Mayo footballers.
As fans all you want is the best for the players and as club progresses and county commences again I just hope Conor gets his moment to shine in Mayo jersey.
They say good things come to those who wait, having been a huge contributor to Mayo’s near end season I hope I will get to look back at this point and say I told ye so.
All the O’Shea brothers have made their legacy, made their mark on Mayo football and they are the definition of great role models for future players, I’m really hoping we get to see the Conor O’Shea that’s well capable of being a star in Mayo GAA.

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