Moclair Cup 2022 – Ballina vs Westport

It’s that time of year again when we await to see the winners of the 2022 Moclair Cup.

It’s safe to say it has been a club season of surprises but after many weeks Westport and Ballina battle it out next week to see who will lift the Moclair Cup.

If you had asked me before who would my picks have been for this year’s final I wouldn’t have said Westport and Ballina that’s for sure but as we all know anything can happen in the world of GAA.

With both teams looking to make history this Sunday with Westport looking to be victorious for the first time ever and Ballina looking to claim their 37th title haven’t been in the final since 2007, there’s no doubt spectators will be in for a brilliant game this Sunday.


Martin Connoly’s Westport didn’t have an easy route getting to the final edging a one-point victory over Castlebar Mitchels.

There’s no doubt Shane Scott’s last-minute goal shocked the whole of McHale Park during the Semi Final stage and it will be very interesting to see if could Westport defeat the odds over favourites Ballina.

During the Castlebar game, one thing that worries me the most for Westport is leaving things to the last minute, although they were the stronger team out of the two that game it can’t be forgotten how close they were to defeat.

Ballina are the side that when they get goals they are a lethal weapon and I’ll be very impressed if Westport can keep Ballina’s scoring chances to a minimum.

In any game no matter the sport small mistakes are common and this is the one thing Westport need to avoid against a side like Ballina, letting a penalty go against Mitchels Westport were very lucky that Mitchels didn’t have their head in the game at all but against a side like Ballina isn’t going to be bringing the Moclair Cup home.

Westport will have their targets already planned out Padraig O’Hora/ Jack Irwin and If they have their plan for this game nailed down I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Westport shocked us all and came out victorious.

Asking a lot of people around the county the main thing being said about Westport they have a strong team but players can’t match to the power Ballina have shown throughout the club season campaign.

In my opinion Westport have been the shocker of this club season and seeing how they pull tricks out of the bag anything could happen next Sunday.

Photo: Ballina Stephenites

Ballina Stephenites have been outstanding throughout this club campaign and are strong favourites to claim the Moclair cup.

Niall Heffernan’s side have been strong from the start but one main factor many people have been pointing out they haven’t been tested much defeating Ballintuber 3-10 to 1-13 and previous defeating Aghamore 4-14 to 2-08.

Ballina have been fortunate to have had their young stars like Frank Irwin, and Conor McStay get their time in the limelight and there’s no doubt Ballina has a bright future ahead with all their upcoming stars.

Photo: Connaught Telegraph

Sunday’s game will be another end to a great club season, and I wish both teams the best of luck.

Trying to pick a winner for this game has had me going back and forth with my decision but I have to side with the betting favourites and pick Ballina to claim the Moclair Cup.

Going off their capability on the field Ballina have been the best in their whole lifespan and I believe it will take all the power in order to take them down.

Westport have been the team that pulled out the shocker of the whole season and as we know anything can happen in GAA but for Sunday’s battle my pick is Ballina Stephenites.

Wishing the best of luck to both teams this coming Sunday.

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