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For many years ladies gaelic football has never gotten the recognition it has deserved, it’s only recently for many including myself are eyes have been opened to appreciate the amazing ladies within the county of Mayo.

In today’s post, I will be talking about a group of girls who have reinstated the meaning of what it means to be a ladies footballer in this country.

They have already made history this year and this Sunday in Charlestown they aim to do it again.

Starting their journey for glory by defeating Knockmore in the Mayo ladies Senior Football Final, Colm McManamon’s Burrishoole ladies started to bring a long-awaited sense of hope to just a small town in the county of Mayo.

Maria Cannon converted a free in the last kick of the game, which is safe to say a kick she will never forget in years to come.

Burrishoole defeated Knockmore  0-6 to 1-2 and a new meaning of what it means to be a ladies footballer in Mayo was born.

It was a do or die game for Burrishoole as a meeting with Glencar- Manorhamilton Leitrim Champions was next on the list on the hunt for a place in the Connaught Final.

Another chapter in their continuous story was written in McGovern Park as Burrishoole pulled all the stops out of the bag as they were victorious on the day defeating Glencar 0-14 to 2-5 and history was made as Burrishoole get ready to face Kilkerrin- Clonberne this Sunday in Charlestown.

For me personally only recently I’ve properly started to appreciate the amazing ladies footballers we have in Mayo and just realising how brilliant the woman of Burrishoole have been so far this club season.

My good friends Ed Kirby and Neil Masterson opened my eyes to the ladies of Burishoole and as the weeks went by, I became curious to expand my knowledge on the ladies on the hunt for Connaught Senior glory.

As the days go by as we await the Connaught final there’s no doubt whatever the result may be on Sunday, the Burishoole ladies have shown young aspiring ladies footballers in Mayo that all those tiring nights at training pay off and the glory days will come.

Mayo is often known as the county always focused each year in the hunt for Sam Maguire but thankfully this year the ladies of Burishoole demand the attention of GAA fans as history awaits to be made this sunday in Charlestown.

I want to wish the Burishoole ladies and management the best of luck this Sunday in the Connaught Final and have no doubt whatever the result the ladies have not only done the town of Burrishoole proud but the whole County of Mayo.

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