Thank You Tom Parsons

There’s a saying often imitated never duplicated.

After 11 seasons wearing the green and red jersey, Tom Parsons has hung up his Mayo boots.

Where do you actually start with a legend like Tom.

A Veteran on the pitch and an amazing team mate with a heart of gold.

It’s hard to say goodbye knowing all the blood, sweat and tears Tom put out on the field but it’s calming to know he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest to ever put on the green and red jersey.

I had the privilege to be in the stands when  Tom returned from injury and I’ve never been more teary eyed or more proud after knowing how hard it took him to come back.

You’d always get excited to see Tom’s name on the match day programme and you can’t describe the goosebumps you felt when you hear the announcement that he was coming on.

For any young GAA player Tom Parsons should be a guide on how to be one of the best.

Strength, Passion and Dedication shown through 11 unforgettable seasons.

There will never be enough thank you’ s that can be given to justify how thankful every Mayo fan is for everything Tom Parsons has given us.

Tom if your reading this THANK YOU !!

Have a happy retirement!


Chloe Lynch

I'm Chloe Lynch a GAA journalist from County Mayo.
I've been writing for over a year, some of you might know me best as The Girl That Writes About Mayo GAA.
My main goal while writing is to give back to the players within the GAA.
I have had my work read by members of the Mayo panel.
I hope you enjoy this blog as I share my passion for GAA with you.

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