The Legends Series – Andy Moran

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Throughout the years in Mayo football we have been so fortunate to have amazing players represent Mayo in the world of GAA.
Fans grow a connection with the players and this everyone knows Mayo fans really are the best in the world.
Today I will be talking about someone who’s service to Mayo will never be thanked enough, someone who is the definition of a true Mayo legend Andy Moran.

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Making his debut against New York in 2004, The Ballaghadreen man made 182 appearances, a scoreline of 11-102, 8x Connaught Titles, 2x NFL Titles and 2x All Stars and 2017 Footballer Of The Year.
One of the many things that I loved about Mayo GAA is the joy that it brings to so many people’s lives, you have the younger generation who run on to the pitch to meet their heroes, the fans who are at matches no matter what and the fans who have been supporting their county for years.

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Out of all the players throughout the years you will never get another Andy Moran, I remember seeing fans being so nervous meeting Andy and they were the happiest people of the pitch by just getting a simple photo and that’s what its all about.
I have been lucky enough to meet Andy bit my favourite interaction would have to be just after a Ballagahdreen match he was getting ready for an interview with Mayo GAA tv and my dad and I got a thumbs up, we were acting as if we won the lotto.

During any match fans are always excited with a goal or point from mayo but you can never replicate the amazing atmosphere when Andy scored.
It was the goose bumps like those when you realise how much the sport means to you.
It’s safe to say if there was a Mount Rushmore of Mayo players Andy will have earned his rightful place.
We all know the world of GAA isn’t easy, as fans you gain more respect for the players.
When Moran retired yes I was sad but you couldn’t forget the amazing memories that were made throughout an incredible 15 years.
Out of all the players who have hung up their boots throughout the years Andy is the one you could never thank enough.
As the years keep coming we get to meet the upcoming stars but we can never forget the incredible ones from the past seasons.
Its a no brainer that Andy Moran will always be considered as one of the best to ever have put on a Mayo jersey and although we would all would love the 26th of August 2019 to never have happened, I’ll forever be thankful for the memories and the likes of Andy making us realise how important GAA is in each of our lives.
                                        – Andy Moran the definition of a true Mayo Legend –

Photo:The 42

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