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 Ever since I became a fan of Mayo GAA its safe to see its been some journey throughout the years, going through many wins and defeats, different managers and getting to witness the amount of great talented players Mayo have had throughout the years.                                                                                  Since my love for Mayo began there was only one manager who I wanted to see lead our men’s team, the only man who I want to be wearing the bainisteoir jumper.

In today’s post I’ll be talking about one of Mayo’s greatest servants both as a manager and a player, someone I am proud to call our manager the legend himself James Horan.

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Whilst being one of Mayo’s key players throughout the nineties, Horan also had an successful career playing for club Ballintuber cementing his legacy as one of Mayo’s finest players.
Throughout his career in the green and red jersey, Horan achieved 1x NFL Title, 3x Connaught Titles and 2x All Stars whilst also guiding Ballintuber to back to back club championships.
Since I became a fan of GAA Horan was the only man I knew as manager of Mayo, Throughout his two managerial spells at Mayo Horan earned my respect and trust I suppose to have the respect and trust of not only the players but the fans gives you the extra boost as a manager in any sport.

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In any sport once I see the managers passion its sort of reassurance that this person is fully committed to the success of the team, just why I love to see photos like above.
Even when Stephan Rochford or Noel Connolly and Pat Holmes were in charge all I was doing was counting down the days until I saw James Horan in the manager shirt.
Throughout this writing series I’ve often said there is not enough thank you’s that you can give these individuals, there’s no doubt James is top of that list !
Everyone knows the history of Mayo GAA but how I look at things you don’t understand the magic of it unless your from Mayo, there have been many eventful days in Mayo GAA but in times like this your so thankful for the memories that have been made.
At the last SVP Appeal I remember being so focused on meeting my favourite players my head was so high up in the clouds I didn’t realise I was standing right beside James, I remember just suddenly looking up and think I’m standing beside such a legend.

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What people tend to forget most of the times that the people more involved with their county teams are human beings and when your a manager of such a high profiled team like Mayo it is not easy.
Over Horan’s spells at Mayo so far there has been nothing that I’ve not supported him on,
Bringing in Ciaran McDonald, giving opportunities to new upcoming talent that are the future.
As a fan all you want is the best for everyone involved in your county team and I’d say I’m not the only Mayo fan that would do anything to give that man an All Ireland winners medal.
As we start a new season of GAA all I want for Horan and lads is the best, they literally go out on the field each time like there going out to a warzone and I wish them the best of luck for the season ahead.
Throughout the years in Mayo GAA we have been so fortunate for the amazing people that make it so special but what’s an army without its leader.
If I even  justified how thankful I am for James’s service to Mayo GAA I’d be doing one good job
I look forward to seeing how the upcoming season unfolds for Horan and I’ve no doubt it’ll be another great chapter of an amazing legacy as a true Mayo GAA legend.

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