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Throughout the years in Mayo GAA history we have had amazing players come through the ranks, many of these players have gone on to have incredible careers both in and out of the green and red jersey and many today are considered as legends.

A tough question for any GAA fan is what’s the best era in your county’s history?, for Mayo we have had the likes of  Paddy Prendergast, Willie Joe Padden, Conor Mortimer , Andy Moran, whop have contributed to making Mayo GAA the magic that it is today.

The eighties/nineties era of Mayo GAA introduced us to some of the best players to put on the Mayo jersey, players who put their heart and soul into representing their county with pride and honour.

In today’s post I will be talking about a player who even though even though had a prosperous career in basketball, will always be known as one of the greatest GAA players in not only Mayo the whole country, the legend himself Liam McHale.

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Making his debut against Dublin in 1985 the Ballina native achieved eight Connaught Titles and 1x All Star during his career in the green and red jersey.
The eighties era was the start of Mayo’s dominance throughout GAA across the country, having the likes of McHale, Willie Joe, we were so fortunate enough to have incredible players represent us in such a great era in GAA history.
McHale started in many of Mayo’s battles to get back to winning ways such as the All Ireland final against Cork, 1996 final against Meath and even though it didn’t end in Mayo’s favour, we got to see the amazing talent of the likes of Liam that we now call Mayo legends.
Throughout an amazing fourteen years in the Mayo jersey, Mchale hung up his Mayo jersey in 1999, leaving an incredible legacy and set the standard for the future of Mayo football.

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Even though Mayo people will always know McHale as a legend within GAA, McHale also made his mark on Basketball, winning two national basketball cups with his club Ballina as well as a Super League Title.
Beginning his coaching career as a selector for Mayo in 2004, McHale has gone on to
coach St Brigids alongside Kevin McStay.
Joined the Cavan backroom staff in 2014,
Served as a selector on the Roscommon panel in 2017 and in 2019 became manager of Athlone GAA.
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My main reason for creating this blog was to give thanks to Mayo players both past and present,but how on earth do you give thanks to a legend like Liam Mc Hale ?
We’ve been through a lot as a county and have had our fair share of good and bad days but along with the fans it’s the players that make Mayo GAA what it is today.
For those lucky to have seen Liam play you saw the passion and determination that made him the player that he was.
If you were to ask anyone who would be the legends of the eighties era your top answers would either be Willie or Liam.
Although he didn’t receive a Celtic cross Liam McHale will forever be known as a Mayo legend and a legend in GAA in general.
In any industry in today’s world they always say to remember the people that came before, in today’s panel we have the likes of Aidan, Lee, Cillian but it’s safe to say there will never be another player like the legend that is Liam Mc Hale!

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