The Start Of A Long Road Ahead


It was a great win for the Mayo lads but it was the start of the long road that lies ahead for us.          

With the most talked about news being about Cillian O’Connor over the past few days I was curious to see who would step up to the plate in this match during his absence.                                                          

It was a brilliant win against a surprising Sligo team but we must not forget about the long road that lays ahead for our men.                                                                                                                                  

I have said in previous posts with the retirements a few months ago it was important for players to step up and its now safe to say that worry is no more.                                                                                         

Photo: Pundit Arena

At the start of  this season  I was not confident with the experienced players lost but that worry is now gone after outstanding display from the likes of Daren McHale, Enda Hession, Ryan O’Donoghue.

With Aidan O’Shea putting on exceptional man of the match performance continuing to prove why he is one of the best GAA players in the country.

Out of all the things to be said after Saturdays win I just wonder how long will the momentum last, we all know how Mayo GAA seasons have turned out throughout the years and sometimes with all the bad luck you become anxious when were on a good run.

Over the next two weeks my main hope is that Connaught is not looked upon as a walk in the park and we that we add another Connaught title to our trophy cabinet because we all know Mayo are the ones who deserve it.

With Aidan, Conor and Darren making the GAA team of the week, you just want everyone in the country to realise how good of a team we have .

As I said it was the start of a long road ahead for the panel but with the incredible talent we put out on the pitch each week I have no doubt it’ll be another memorable season for the people of  Mayo.

Photo:Irish Mirror


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