We Came, We Fought, We Conquered – All Ireland Semi Final 2021


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Its safe to say the 14th of August 2021 will be known as one of the greatest days in Mayo GAA history.
This rivalry will forever be known as one of the best in GAA history, after all the years of heartbreak and misery it was all worth it after yesterdays game.
The pundits had already decided the outcome of the game but our lads proved them wrong and its clear that the deserving team won the war.

                                                                      Photo: Irish Mirror

The build up to any Dublin vs Mayo match is always special and this year was like no other.
2021 was the year that changed the Dubs, they got to used to winning ways and yesterday they realised they’ve lost their edge.
1st half like many I believed it was over, I thought Dublin had realised they have had an easy journey until now, taking it slow and taking there time.
Each year Mayo have been the team that deserved it and my god they deserved it yesterday.
In the first half near the end we simply saw a fire being lit within every single player wearing green and red.
As we headed into the second half the question was would Dublin do their usual and wake up in the second half or would this be our day.

                                                               Photo: Irish Mirror

Many times on this blog you have read pieces of me praising the lads and I can’t justify how proud I am of every single player on that team.
The first half may have been Dublin’s but the second it was all Mayo.
Being honest after all the heartbreak and misery throughout the years seeing the scoreline it was as if it was a dream.
I have to start with the unbelievable Rob Hennelly . After all the abuse all the doubters he did it.
Hennelly has been on the Mayo panel since 2011 and its safe to say he will never forget yesterdays match.
It was always said we were screwed when David Clarke retired last year but Rob has proved everyone wrong.
An outstanding performance proving to every single doubter why he belongs in those Mayo goals.

The Mayo team had a mixture of both youth and experience, many who have had experience with the Dublin and others who brought a new perspective on things.

The likes of James Carr, Eoghan Mc Laughlin, Tommy Conroy just showing they can hang with the big leads.
Paddy Durcan, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor just showing that we are in one of the best eras of Mayo GAA
Its safe to say that picture of Diarmuid O’Connor keeping in that ball should be hung up and framed in McHale Park, a special moment that wont be forgotten.
When you watch the match you wouldn’t think that Dublin were the All Ireland match champions.
You were seeing the normal dirty playing Dublin, black card after black card and to hear “Dublin have been been beaten” as a Mayo fan you can’t help but get emotional knowing it was our lads who stopped the hunt for 7 in a row.


Between the two teams you could see in the second half Mayo were the ones showing how much more they wanted it and Dublin were just playing dirty to see would it benefit them in anyway.
Each player wearing green and red showed the whole world of GAA why they are the best team out there.
When you feel you feel the goose bumps thanks to yesterdays crowd you cant put into words how amazing yesterday was.
We have had to listen to countless comments “Oh the Dubs are unbeatable”, ” Who will be the ones to stop the Dubs” after all the doubters it was Mayo, Mayo were the ones to stop 7x in a row.
It makes me so happy that the lads proved everyone wrong, people were calling the match before a ball was even kicked on the pitch.
Dublin have lost their crown and its now Mayo’s for the taking.
Yesterday was my proudest day to be from County Mayo and one of the greatest days for Mayo as a county.
After yesterdays performance I don’t see how we wouldn’t be lifting Sam Maguire in a couple of weeks 
Best of luck to James and the lads in the coming weeks in preparation for the final and as always Maigh Eo abu!

                                                                  Photo:Pundit Arena

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