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I have said many times on this blog how important it is to remember that the young/upcoming players are the future.
Over the past few seasons we have had the privilege of getting to say the future of Mayo football is in good hands.
In today’s post I will be talking about a player who has made an incredible impact in football and hurling in Mayo, someone who has represented his county with pride and honour Wing Forward Fergal Boland.

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Making his senior debut against Sligo in 2017, the Aghamore man has been an adequate player on the team, secret weapon like.
When you go back to 2017, You can say Boland alongside Paddy Durcan was the start of  the “takeover” of young players making their mark of the senior panel which followed with the introduction of the likes of Matthew Ruane, Oisin Mullin, Tommy Conroy etc.

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Being from Aghamore myself it’s great to see great leaders flying the Aghamore flag in the Mayo team being the small club that we are.
 The name Boland will certainly be a name we’ll never forget in Mayo football and hurling as the years go on.
As well as being a great servant towards football, Fergal has also been a great advocate for hurling in the county, making sure people know the great talent we are fortunate to have in our hurling squad.

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Since his debut against Sligo Boland has achieved 1x Division 1 Title and 1x Connaught Title, 1x Connaught Hurling Champion with the Tooreen hurlers.
We have had siblings share the field like the O’Connor and O’Shea brothers or the Kelly sisters and now the great Boland brothers, cementing his Mayo legacy alongside brother Shane.
Ever since the retirements last year the one thing I’ve been looking forward to seeing was seeing players like Fergal given the opportunity to show management hey put me out there and let me deliver.
Like anything in life people need to be given opportunities to be able to shine.
The past season we got to see what the new players could do, lets not forget about the young veteran players like Fergal.

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As a fan like many others I want the best possible for the players, I believe when chances are given Boland will prosper.
To think of what he has achieved ever since he first put on a Mayo jersey not just with senior gives you reassurance even though this season there is some massive changes in the team, the team is in safe hands !
I look forward to seeing how Fergal’s season will turnout and I have no doubt that he will live up to what I’ve said in this post.
A phrase that has been said a lot the past year was that the youth are the future you will depend on, put your faith in Fergal and I’ve no doubt he will get the recognition and respect that he deserves.

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